John Lennon would have been 70 a few days ago

I can never give an absolute answer to that question regarding who your favorite Beatle is but I can say with certainty that it was because of John Lennon that I started playing guitar in 1981. Before John Lennon was killed, my fifth grade class’s musical taste ranged from “Rapper’s Delight” to… well, that was about it. After Lennon’s death my friends and I got slightly obsessed with the Beatles. We wanted to start a band and since I had a guitar in the back of my Mom’s closet I decided I’d play guitar. There were about ten of us in my pack of friends so we were going to have clarinets and xylophones and timpanis and anything else that looked interesting in our school’s band room. Our band never came together but I did stick to guitar and it eventually wound up knocking out my other hobby of cartoon caricatures.

As tragic as it was to lose such an enormous talent so early, this event no doubt gave birth to a generation of artists who grew up measuring themselves against the high level of artistic integrity displayed by Lennon/ the Beatles. Many of my friends’ entries into music were from big brothers who were into Kiss or Van Halen. I often think how lucky I was to have the Beatles be my first meaningful musical influence.

If you haven’t seen this short film about a 14 year old Beatles fan interviewing Lennon in his hotel room…enjoy.


5 thoughts on “John Lennon would have been 70 a few days ago”

  1. A bit of a preachy bore, don’t you think? I’d rather listen to Kiss (even though the Beatles were a big inspiration to them) or Van Halen any day. Too bad you didn’t get that band together with the pack of ten friends – sounds like it might have been fun. Hey, maybe it’s time to bring back the cartoon caricatures, too. Rock on, Jamie!

    1. E, you were on of the guys I was thinking of when I opened that can of worms. Preachy- yes but never a bore. Especially musically. His tunes (I’m thinking post “Revolver”) were odd and subtle, often asymmetrical with quirky melodies and strange lyrics. RE: my 5th grade band- I do wish that would’ve worked out. We’d be rich!

  2. Thanks for posting that interview. Hard to imagine, Jerry, who was 14 then, getting it to interview J.L.. Cool he not only hung onto it, but, nice that Jerry later got to getting animation put to the dialogue. Great job really. John; He was a trip. He could talk- but he essentially had great points-and of course, MUSIC.

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