Recommended Jazz Guitar Listening – part 2

As promised, and in a surprisingly timely fashion, here’s part 2 of my recommended listening list. This one’s going to focus on the 60’s, a decade where the role of the guitar started to diversify. Again, the names are links to the artist’s wikipedia entry.

My main motivation for putting this list together is to inspire guitarists who are just getting into jazz and want to know a bit more about the history. I would like to mention to you guitar guys, that guitar is just a small part of jazz history and you can only benefit from checking out all the greats, regardless of what instrument they play. Maybe a future post will go into more depth. So with that in mind…

Wes Montgomery

Kenny Burrell

Grant Green

Jim Hall (again!)

George Benson

…and a precursor to what’s about to happen in the 70’s:

Larry Coryell

John McLaughlin

Ok, that’s it for now. Next up, the 70’s!