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Eric Rasmussen’s Tristano Band

I had a couple of really fun gigs with Eric Rasmussen’s Tristano Band last month.  Here’s a bootleg of one of ‘em. The personnel is Eric Rasmussen – as, Jamie Rosenn – gtr, John Sims – b, and Jason Harnell – d. You can listen to it and download here while it’s still posted: Eric Rasmussen Band @ Metropol 11/13/09 by jamierosenn

Also be sure to check out Eric’s three CD’s on Steeplechase which you can find here.

Thanks for checking in! One of my favorite musicians to play with, Matt Otto is back in town from Kansas City and I’m looking forward to doing a show with JoE-LeSs shOe at Jaunita’s in Eagle Rock. If you haven’t been to Jaunita’s…come on out! Great Mexican food and a relaxed hang. We recorded shOe’s second CD right before Matt left this Summer and we’re hoping to mix it while he’s back. If you don’t own our first CD it’s on sale at CD Baby until the end of December. Get’m right here.

Hi folks. Things have been busy for me. Still doing a lot of teaching and playing. I recently played a tribute to Freddie Hubbard with the Luckman Jazz Orchestra which featured Bennie Maupin and Alphonse Mouzon among others (pictured below). Challenging and very rewarding! A few noteworthy gigs coming. The Los Angeles jazz Collective is doing a festival at Cafe Metropol which will feature both JoE-LeSs shOe and Sigmund Fudge. JoE-LeSs shOe will be recording at the end of the month for our upcoming 2nd CD. We’re really excited. We have a new batch of tunes that up the quirk factor by eleven. I’ll keep you updated about the release details when they come in.


Updates & Gigs & Peyote Induced Promo Shots

?Our trio with Jason Harnell, Matt Otto and myself  (working name: Joe-less Shoe) is doing a fairly last minute gig at Club Tropical on Monday 06/19/06. The attached picture is what we would look like if you’d been on a 2 day peyote journey and ended up in Jason’s office after we rehearsed. Hope to see you there (at the gig, not in his office). Also if anyone’s been keeping track, I’ve been messing around with the webpage (changes in the design and the photo gallery section). I’ll probably put a few more movie clips in there soon.

Recent News

Howdy. A few things to report. Joe Bagg, Mark Ferber and myself are getting ready to put out a cd (we’re just getting it mastered and then we’re on to the final production stuff). A few clips are available at the sound clips section under the very temporary name “Options”.  That group is playing July 31st at 2nd St. Jazz. And I just recorded with the Saddleback jazz faculty under the direction of Joey Sellers. We got some good takes and I’ll keep you posted on when that surfaces. Ok, that’s about it for now.

Site’s up.

So as you can tell the new site is up. I’m still working on getting some sound clips up in a fairly stylish way but it will happen soon. The movies section is new and there’s a direct link to my myspace page. If you have any comments let me know. That’s it for now. See ya.